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Vegan Chocolate Babka 24 oz


Gift Guevara’s (Mekelburg’s 100% VEGAN sister company) own classic 100% VEGAN CHOCOLATE BABKA, shipped straight to you and yours. Perfect for the holidays...or any day.  Babka is filled with a delectable amount of chocolate. Baked in a certified nut-free facility.

*Babka has a minimum shelf life of 6 weeks. All sales are final - once the item has shipped, any issues with delivery will require the customer to open a case directly with the company responsible for shipping. Orders are shipped every Monday. If you have time constraints, please email to see if our shipping department can fulfill sooner. Shipping time depends entirely on the carrier and can be impacted by weather, holiday traffic, or other factors. If you have any questions or concerns about your order, please reach out to and we will do our best to assist!


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